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Woman scratching her skin.

For individuals with sensitive skin, life can be a challenging affair. From clothes and products that irritate to struggles with dry and flaky skin, it can be a full-time position just managing the day-to-day routine. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent sensitive skin from running and ruining your life. This blog will cover some of the most valuable tips for dealing with sensitive skin and provide strategies to avoid breakouts and dryness.

Spot Tests

When dealing with unfamiliar creams, makeup, or oils, it’s best to test them to see if any adverse reactions occur. To do this, take a small amount of the item you want to try and apply it to your inner arm before heading to bed for the night. Check your arm for any redness, irritation, or dryness when you wake up. Using the spot test method can help your skin get used to having the product on your body for long periods and can also check for side effects that would happen after having the product on for a more extended period. If you have a breakout on your arm after testing, it’s good to check the list of ingredients for commonalities with other products you know cause issues, which leads us to our next tip:

The Fewer The Ingredients, The Better.

Often, one or more chemicals in the product can cause skin irritation. With all the products with ingredient lists a mile long, it can be challenging to identify one commonality. Try using fewer products with fewer ingredients. Consider using simply water or a gentile cleanser when washing your face. When there are fewer chemicals, there’s less of a chance of your skin reacting to one of them. Some moisturizers, sunscreens, and cleansers contain minimal chemicals or utilize gentile formulations designed for people with sensitive skin. Add organic, one-to-two-ingredient formulae for some elements of your skincare routine to further prevent issues from arising for those with susceptible skin.

Start Slowly

When introducing new products into a skincare routine, do so deliberately and slowly. Try to introduce one product at a time and only for a certain amount of days of the week. For example, if submitting a new toner or moisturizer, apply it only three or four times a week, and see how it affects your skin. Avoid areas known to be sensitive at first, such as around the lips and eyes, and if there are no detrimental effects on your skin, begin incorporating it more frequently, as often as needed.

Professional Help

When it comes to your skin, an experienced professional such as the ones at Colorado Medispa can help identify and guide you through skincare routines, products, and treatments that will lead to the best you that you can be. An experienced technician or aesthetician knows what treatments will be safe for people with skin that is sensitive. They can assist you in finding safe cleansers, toners, peels, injections, and other treatments so you can get the skin you want without worrying about irritations due to their sensitivity. They will be able to tailor any procedure to your individual needs and goals and be there through every step of the process.

Colorado Laser and Facial Cosmetic Specialists

The team at Colorado Medispa has a decade of experience and utilizes the latest technology to help you achieve your beauty goals. People with sensitive skin may be concerned about exacerbating their conditions. We tailor each procedure and treatment plan around the patient to enhance each patient’s natural beauty. Contact us for a free consultation to enhance your natural beauty.